M Quest Capital Corporation, located in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, offers a unique mining solution and an exclusive funding opportunity in order to firmly establish the placer gold boom of this century.

The HTrustER Members Only M Quest Exclusive Corporate Bond Program is aimed at funding the environmental reclamation and regeneration of previously mined areas, starting with our target mining projects, the Fry Pan Creek and Burwash Creek placer gold mines through our Yukon operating company Northern Minerals Development Inc.

Our new technologies and equipment will greatly increase the production of mines which process gold-bearing sands and gravels, known as placer gold mines. Within a few years, this increase in recovery capability will make placer mines competitive with hard rock mines in terms of total gold production and cost per ounce of gold recovered.

Additionally, our new system is environmentally friendly. Not only will current mining operations have minimal environmental impact, we will be cleaning up mercury and lead left behind by previous mining activities.

New Technology

The new placer gold rush (more correctly called a gold boom) will begin in the Yukon, and spread around the world. That new technology makes possible what previously was unachievable has never been more true than it is today in the gold mining industry. We are able to enter this new era in mining with environmental issues in full focus, as a direct result of our new technology.

The mining industry has known for many years that as much as 80% of the gold remaining on earth is in micro-particle form. Micro-particle gold cannot be recovered using conventional mining methods. We envision our advanced placer mineral recovery system being utilized throughout the world to recover this micro-particle gold as well as mercury, lead and other metals. We have developed this technology (our MR System) through collaboration with leading scientific and industrial groups.

New system

The following guiding principles were used in creating and developing our innovative MR System:

  • 90%+ of all alluvial gold and other metals including mercury and lead recovered
  • metals recovered must be securable
  • environmentally friendly
  • operator friendly
  • readily reproducible
  • rapidly deployable
  • cost effective
Our development team is involved in an ongoing refinement of the process and we are convinced that within a few short years we will have exceeded these guiding principles and have our systems in use throughout the world. Coupling our MR System with currently held, high-yield mining claims will ensure sustainable growth, but to assure mining operations and technological advancement into the future, M Quest must move rapidly to acquire other high yield mining properties to use as showcases. To maximize our advantage, these acquisitions must take place prior to informing the general public of our new technology.


We believe that the Total Bond Subscription, a full-scale startup funding arrangement with HTrustER, is sufficient to establish business self-sufficiency, commence mining on the target sites and to secure additional properties. Our next step will be to introduce our system to the world, where it is badly needed for reclamation and regeneration of the environment, offering sustainable wealth creation and hope to many people around the world.

This funding opportunity is provided by M Quest exclusively to HTrustER members, to allow those who share our vision to share in the rewards. This opportunity offers considerable and important returns not only in financial terms, but also in securing significant environmental cleanup for future generations.

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